Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Y on Earth Community

The Y on Earth Community is a global network of people from all walks of life – with diverse professional, educational, ethnic, religious, ideological and personal identity backgrounds – who are dedicated to cultivating a culture of stewardship, regeneration, kindness, and sustainability on planet Earth. To that end, our unique framework, powerful resources, and grounded calls-to-action are deeply aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) developed and promulgated by our global community and officially adopted by 193 nations.

Although we support the focus and intent of all 17 of the SDGs, the Y on Earth Community’s work is particularly aligned and focused on 7 of them:

  • #3   Good Health and Well-being
  • #11   Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • #12   Responsible Consumption and Production
  • #13   Climate Action
  • #14   Life Below Water​
  • #15   Life On Land
  • #17   Partnerships for the Goals


#3   Good Health and Well-being

We promote health and well-being (thriving) throughout our Y on Earth framework and platform. From expert guests on our Stewardship & Sustainability podcast/videocast series, to chapters in the book Y on Earth, cultivating health and well-being is central to all of our calls to action, our community mobilization activities, and our cultural-transformation objectives. (See especially chapters: Cook, Harvest, Eat, Balance, Unplug, Connect, and Heal in Y on Earth, and discover our Five Themes for Thriving in our Thriving & Sustainability Guide: Food & Drink, Movement, Nature-Connection, Soil-Connection, and Well-being Practices [FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE HERE]).

#11   Sustainable Cities and Communities

All of our soil stewardship, tree planting and ecological regeneration actions have the specific goal of improving the sustainability of our cities and communities. Our Community Impact Ambassadors help mobilize actions and practices at home, at work, at our faith communities, and our municipal facilities to inculcate, cultivate, and deploy strategies and actions for sustainability. (See especially chapters: Place, Grow, Water, Earn, Make, Build, Power, Envision, and Culture in Y on Earth)

#12   Responsible Consumption and Production

Our daily purchasing decisions send signals into the global marketplace, and affect soil, water, climate, people, and communities all over the planet. Thus, our consumer demand – which in the aggregate drives the global economy – is one of the most powerful ways each of us is affecting our planet, each and every day. This powerful force can be wielded for further destruction, accelerated climate change, ocean acidification, poisoning of land, air, and water, -or- this very same force can be wielded for positive change. When we purchase organic, fair trade, regenerative, and biodynamic food, beverage, clothing, and other products, we are sending stewardship and sustainability signals to manufacturers and their supply chains. (See especially chapters: Steward, Demand, Work, Earn, Give, and Culture in Y on Earth)

#13   Climate Action

Our Community Mobilization Work is centered around soil regeneration, tree-planting, ecological stewardship, and the de-carbonization of our energy sources – all of which focus specifically on climate action. The simultaneous objectives of reducing fossil carbon emissions and atmospheric carbon loading from non-sustainable agricultural and land-use practices, along with the cultivation of carbon sequestration via humble collaboration with soil and plants, is key to our work, and essential for the cultivation of a sustainable future. (See especially the Soil Stewardship Handbook, and chapters: Waste, Steward, Think, Move, Power, Heal, and Culture in Y on Earth)

#14   Life Below Water

Our day-to-day lifestyles and consumer purchasing affect aquatic life throughout the world – both fresh-water and oceanic. From our soap and shampoo, to our kitchen-cleaning, laundry-washing, and yard-maintaining decisions, we are loading the Earth’s water with myriad chemicals and substances. Some of these are extraordinarily toxic to life below water (as well as our own health – as our bodies are over 70% water!), and other options are much more benign. Additionally the manufacturing of the products that we buy are affecting water-dwelling creatures all around the world. (See especially chapters: Place, Water, Steward, Demand, Make, and Culture in Y on Earth)

#15   Life On Land

Our day-to-day lifestyles and consumer purchasing decisions also affect life on land. In addition to steering our habits and consumer demand toward stewardship and sustainability, we also take direct action to help restore and regenerate soil, to plant trees and other foliage, to provide safe, diverse habitat to pollinating insects and their animal counterparts, and to detoxify our terrestrial environments. (See especially chapters: Place, Grow, Eat, Steward, Demand, and Culture in Y on Earth)

#17   Partnerships for the Goals

We know that, as with any healthy ecosystem, our resilience and effectiveness is dependent on our relationships and partnerships. By collaborating world-wide with Ambassadors, neighborhoods, companies, faith communities, universities, and other organizations, we learn, we improve our understanding, and most importantly we amplify our voices and our impact throughout the world. (See especially chapters: Place, Listen, Think, Speak, Love, and Culture in Y on Earth)

We are massively mobilizing stewardship and sustainability… together.

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